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will I make it from this place, raised in Bay City TX (Small town on the gulf of Texas) I can relate, there is no red carpet laid out when you are from the country.

We are talking about a town full of talent with no exposure, one can’t help but to feel geographically challenged. I played sports and everyone knows that route but what about exploring life outside of the athletics realm? This Blog is for the college grad with a less than popular job title (Bar-tending with a Bachelors degree at Applebee’s was not ideal for beginning my career), as well as the soon to be/ brand new high school grad who just lacks direction, and even the single mother. I have been there! Regardless of the field you are in or where you come from you can achieve your dreams and so much more in so many ways. Once you discover your purpose.
In pursuing success, self development and owning my truth has been pivotal to living my purpose and accepting myself for who I am. One can not truly blossom into all they are meant to be without accepting and loving who you are . Although society is set around self hate you must overcome the natural ways of thinking and apply principle to create the beautiful butterfly(insert butterfly emoji) you are meant to be.
Regardless of your success this blog will be life changing. I guarantee you will leave each blog with something of value for your life. Regardless of how crazy or sad the things have been in my life, I feel they have been instrumental to my growth. Some may think my incredible memory is a curse yet I know my memories have been so vivid for the purpose of my growth.
BarHop Bartender was created after graduating From Grambling State University in 2013. Long Story short the long and comical nights behind the bar is where I really found myself and lost a life long shadow of shyness. Barhop-ing my small town on the wild side brought out so many new aspects of myself. Recovering from what seem to be the heartbreak of my life, connecting with my scorned childhood, testing dangerous waters and Finding New Love. I’m giving all the inside deets of a small town country gal overcoming a dysfunctional environment and pursuing God’s abundance and success. Most of all I hope you take from this how difficult life can be when you don’t follow your purpose.

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