Creation of BarHop

With a salary that any 25 year old would love, I still wasn’t satisfied with the life I had created for myself. I mean, how could I be wallowing in loneliness with a 50k+ salary?

Going in to work got harder and harder every day. Driving two hours after work to see my son and the egos, and unprofessionalism of my colleagues was beginning to make me sick. And although the checks were fat and the bonuses obese, I knew managing a restaurant was not the path that I dreamed I’d be on at this time in my life.

I brought my son home for good the day I realized that it was impossible to work 60+ hours a week and be the mother I wanted to be. That day, I had had it with corporate America. The relationship I had with my company, my colleagues, and my job felt like an abusive one, and I had to remove myself from that cancer.

Making the big dollars was never a challenge for me, but loving what I did was. Through the good times and bad, I always cherished the memories of my time tending bar; from my customers spinning tales and keeping me in tears with crude jokes or stories of love lost, to exercising my natural born gift to put smiles on people’s faces – I realized that I love to bartend!

So sitting at my favorite bar one night, I started to draw up plans for BarHop Bartenders. I imagined it as the perfect little virtual bar where the ordinary millennial can grab a BarHop drink recipe, mix a cocktail, get some beauty tips for a Boss, and dream big.

2 years later, here we are. We bartend for weddings, corporate events and parties, and social gatherings of all kinds. And when I’m working an event, the guests know where to pick up a delicious, well poured, hand-crafted cocktail.

When we say raise the bar, we don’t just mean high-quality guest service.. we mean uplifting everyone we encounter, starting with a smile; because that’s what brought me back to the bar in the first place.

Welcome to There’s a boss in every girl, here is the place where you meet her.

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How to Mix a margarita

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How to mix a Margarita

How to Mix Margarita A Mixed Drink Favorite A margarita is a cocktail shaken with tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Margarita is the Spanish word for “Daisy”. This concoction was created in 1890. It wasn’t called the Margarita until the 1930’s. Margaritas are always a favorite, if ever you find yourself doing the bar Read More